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The 2009 Burnett Gathering - Castle Fraser Tour
Murder Mystery and Dinner at Castle Fraser For Saturday evening, we drove 10 miles to Castle Fraser a tall and massive Z-plan tower house, mostly dating from between 1575 and 1636. Two projecting wings form a courtyard, the final side being completed by other buildings, one with an arched gateway. The property was acquired in 1454 by the Frasers who in 1633 were made Lords Fraser, and they built the castle. The Frasers were Covenanters, and their lands were ravaged in 1638, and again in 1644 by the Marquis of Montrose. The family were later Jacobites. The property remained with the Frasers until 1921, but is now cared for by The National Trust for Scotland. We were given a tour of the castle followed by dinner in the Great Hall and which we enjoyed while trying to establish the guilty party of a murder mystery enacted by a local theatrical company, Blitzentertainment. The plot was a murder amongst Clan McFeichie and many suspects were interrogated by us during the course of dinner for us to select the guilty party. With the evening directed by the sleuth Muzz Crandon, (who played the leading part in the Alice in Wonderland production at the Garden party in 2005), few if any of us were correct in our deductions from the various clues provided by the cast, but we were all awarded certificates for our endeavours.