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A Note From The Secretary

Spring is upon us and the Highland Games will be starting soon. Let us know which games, gatherings, or reunions you are going to be attending. Please share your pictures you take at these functions with the rest of the family. I and some other family members will be at the Glasgow, Kentucky Highland Games. If you are in the area look for the House of Burnett Tent. This is the website where you can get a schedule of events:


We are still looking for articles and pictures we can share. I know I’m not the only Burnett that has stories to tell. I’m especially interested in the next generation of the Burnett family. This is an example:



Alexander James (Xander) Burnett

Age 4

Son of Tracy and Tim Burnett

Cincinnati, Ohio







Another front we need help in is filling some of the open positions in the House of Burnett. There is an urgent need for a new President, as well as some new members on the Board of Directors. If you would consider one of these positions or want more information please contact me. I know there are others out there that care as much as I do about the continued success of the House of Burnett, so please step forward.



We have several members who are having health problems, so I’m asking you to keep them in your prayers.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your kind expressions of sympathy in the death of my wife Nancy.