Burnett Gathering


Dear Burnetts

Due to the increasing uncertainties relating to Covid-19. It would appear sensible to postpone the proposed 2021 Burnett Gathering. It is unlikely that leaving the decision until November will provide the required comfort.


2023 is the 700th anniversary of the recorded arrival of Burnetts’ (Burnard) on Deeside and it would seem appropriate to postpone any Gathering until that date. Plans and commitments for many of the events and activities also need to be made some considerable time in advance and this is understandably a concern for 2021.


Many of those intending to come to Crathes have already made their plans to do so and I trust that they will not be disadvantaged by our decision. There will be refunds for those who have submitted payments.


However, some Burnetts have stated that they wish to come in 2021 regardless. For this we will plan a reduced programme which need not involve such an advance commitment and which we can create according to numbers and any pandemic restrictions. For those who may be interested in attending, subject to circumstances,  the programme would probably be from Wednesday August 4th until Saturday August 7th and would be Crathes based. An provisional indication of the programme will be announced shortly and updated.   Those who wish to attend and also would want to enjoy the activities of the cancelled programme and which will no longer be possible, should still be able to do this by making their own arrangements. We will endeavour to provide assistance with such plans.


We regret the above and hope that all will understand

Best wishes

Jamie Burnett



If you want to view photos from our gathering in 2017 click here