Burnett Gathering

Limited Availability on some events, no availability on Monday, Tuesday or Friday Tours.


We are delighted to be able to share with you the schedule of events for the 2023 Burnett Gathering which will be centred around Crathes Castle from Monday 31st July – Saturday 5th August with day trips to other areas of north-east Scotland. The 2023 Burnett Gathering includes events and activities which will appeal to Burnetts of all ages. Along with some popular activities, there will be a number of new events for those who have been to previous Gatherings.

There is also the opportunity to add an additional week exploring the Highlands and Edinburgh from Sunday 6th August – Saturday 12th August.

Burnett Gathering Programme 2023


Highlands and Edinburgh (Week Two) 

As a result of the unprecedented demand for Scottish holidays following the global pandemic and a significant increase in travel and accommodation costs, we regret that this tour cannot take place as planned.

As an alternative, for those who wish to extend their time in Scotland, we recommend the following through Trafalgar – Best of Scotland Tour 2023 | Flexible Bookings | Trafalgar


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Please note that there are some events shown which have £0, this seems to be because some events have different prices for different age groups.  The actual prices will show once you click on the event. The only events which should be £0 are the Friday Tours which are included in the Burnett Package and require a choice and the Two Week Package as this will be charged directly with tour operator.


If you have any queries, please get in touch at burnettgathering@leysestate.co.uk



If you would like to view photos from our Gathering in 2017 click here 




If the form does not allow the reservation of events and activities which meet with personal requirements, please advise (Burnett Gathering burnettgathering@leysestate.co.uk ) and we will respond with a proposal.


Flights into Scotland for the Gathering have mostly been to Glasgow in the past. The Coach from Glasgow will depart from the Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport at 1200 hrs on Sunday July 30th and will return on Sunday August 6th to arrive at Glasgow Airport before 1200 hrs and for anyone flying into Edinburgh and requiring transport to Banchory, we will make a similar arrangement for the same time at Edinburgh Airport.