Genealogy Questions

There will be no charge for this service unless research is required as would be advised, although all responses do involve the time of a genealogist or researcher. If you feel that the response has been useful and wish to know more about the Burnetts and Crathes, a purchase of our small recently published book People and Painting, should be helpful. Whilst not including detailed genealogy, it provides an easily read account of the Burnetts and the building of Crathes. The Holly and The Horn includes much genealogical information. Both books are obtainable through the Shop 


If research is required, you will be advised of the charge or estimated maximum charge for consideration. The availability of information from official records may require a fee.  Scottish Records Office make a charge of £6 for access to the details on any relevant record. It should be noted that details on more recent records may not be accessible in this way, in which case we will advise as to how to order these directly.