Welcome to the official website of the Burnett family. These pages are for all those associated with or interested in the name of BURNETT, its origins in Great Britain, (Scotland in particular), and its history and traditions throughout the world. It will enable discovery of related matters and advice on activities which may be of interest. We now have a Burnett Forum which we hope that members will use. For those of you unfamiliar with how a Forum works, full instructions are provided. The Burnett family is one of the most illustrious of Scottish families, with a history going back to before the Norman Conquest, an ancient coat-of-arms and a record of many distinguished members in the church, in letters, in the law and in the military. The principal historical seat of the Burnetts is Crathes Castle which is now in the possession of the National Trust for Scotland. This website seeks to provide advice on matters such as genealogy, history, heraldry and tartan. It exists to assist with in the organisation of Burnett gatherings and the provision of Burnett merchandise . I would hope that it facilitates communication between Burnetts worldwide. This website includes access to the details and activities of The House of Burnett. This society plays an important role in the promotion of the name of Burnett throughout the world and to a large extent in the United States of America. There is a House of Burnett presence at many of the leading Highland Games in the US and this is made possible by the support of its members. Variant spellings of the name include but are not limited to the following: Burnett, Burnet, Burnette, Bernat, Burnat, Bernet, Burnap, Burnard, Barnard, Barnett, Barnette, Barnet, Bornet, Bornat, Mac Burnet etc This website is frequently being updated or subject to further construction. We welcome any relevant information which might be included on the website or added to the family archive. We also welcome suggestions as to how the website might be changed to accommodate the wishes of visitors.
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