For all those associated with or interested in the name of BURNETT and its history and traditions throughout the world.

The Burnett family is one of the most illustrious of Scottish families, with a history going back to before the Norman Conquest and a record of many distinguished members in the church, in letters, in the law and in the military.

The principal historical seat of the Burnetts is Crathes Castle and was given to the National Trust for Scotland in 1952. However, Crathes remains the Burnett family home to which all Burnetts and those descended from Burnetts are always welcome and whom we are always pleased to meet.

James and Alexander Burnett of Leys with Burnett Lieutenants, Jackelyn Daugherty, President House of Burnett 2017, and James Burnette.

“I have been passionate about Burnett Heritage all my life. For last 50 years, I have enjoyed sharing it with Burnetts and visitors to Crathes, in Burnett gatherings and visits beyond. I hope your next visit is memorable and enjoyable.” James Burnett of Leys, Chief of the name of Burnett 

House of Burnett

The House of Burnett is the official worldwide Burnett Society.  Information here on Membership, Members Benefits and House of Burnett activities and events. This society plays an important role in the promotion of the name of Burnett throughout the world. As a House of Burnett ‘Friends Member’ you can receive the Grapevine Newsletter, The Burnett Banner and other information for free www.houseofburnett.org

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Alexander Burnett at Holyrood

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