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New Kinsfolk Friends 1992

If there is one family that have been most prominent at all our reunions, it is that of the Burnetts […]

Barbara Corinne Dunklee

We were very sad to hear that Corinne Dunklee passed away on November 28th . It must be remembered that […]

Arionidae Burnettei

Banner reader may recall several articles relating to Flora and Fauna associated with the family name. Herewith is something new. […]

Captain John Burnett – Jacobite

Captain John Burnett – Jacobite I recently received an enquiry from Charlotte Burnett Thrasher and her husband Jodie for any […]

Bio Leland Burnett

Getting to know our Officers and Board Leland L. Burnett – Secretary Leland L. Burnett assumed the duties as Secretary […]

Banner Input

Greetings; Those of you who were unable to attend the Gathering 2009 missed out on a wonderful trip. The Opening […]