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Anne Davidson of Inchmarlo

Anne Davidson, born 12 December 1824, was the daughter of Duncan Davidson who had purchased Inchmarlo House near Banchory in 1838. During the 1840’s and early 1850’s Anne kept a Journal which, although containing many trivial personal notes, gives an interesting insight into the family lifestyle and social events of the times including the occasional mention of Burnetts. The text of her Journal, along with some photographs, can be found on the internet at

Anne appears to have lived in Aberdeen and at Inchmarlo dividing her  time between the two locations. On 24 July 1854 ahe married William Burnett Ramsay, born at Fasque on 11 April 1821. William had inherited Burnett Lodge & Arbeadie estate in Banchory plus part of Blackhall estate on the south of the River Dee in 1839 from his uncle General William Burnett and retired from his own military career in the Rifle Brigade in 1844.

William Burnett Ramsay died on 6 November 1865 aged 44 and Anne died on 13th October 1880 aged 56.


Eileen Bailey

Burnett Genealogist