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Annetta Burnett Collins Bonner

1916 – 2008

I was very sorry to hear only recently of the death of Annetta Bonner. Annetta was one of the many members of a family who have been so strongly represented at our gatherings at Crathes, whom we have come to know so well and with whom we are always pleased to meet. Annetta, with some of her brothers and sisters was at our first gathering in 1992.

Annetta was in Burgaw, North Carolina in 1916 and embarked on a successful teaching career which spanned over 40 years until 1982. Her two husbands, Edward Collins and Joseph Bonner predeceased her and she has left behind six of her seven siblings and her daughter Deborah and son Bill all of who will very much miss her.



Annetta Burnett Collins Bonner and Deborah at Crathes in 1992