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Award for Judge Gilbert Burnett

Gil Burnett has been to every Burnett Gathering since the first one in 1992 since when we have also had the pleasure of enjoying visits from countless members of his own family and those of his brothers and sisters. Those visits merit an award but none so deserving as that which he received recently from the  New Hanover Country Board of Commissioners in recognition of his years of dedicated service. While he was a sitting judge in New Hanover County, North Carolina, Gil pioneered CSWP (the Community Service Work Program). This is cutting crime, turning many criminals into honest working law-abiding people and with huge savings for the taxpayer. The programme has spread to nearly all of the states and some other countries including Australia.


This was not the only award which Gil has recently received. A few months ago he received the abovae from the Gamma Kappa Lambda Chapter of the world-wide fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. This was started in 1906 by seven black students at Cornell University in New York, NY to encourage people in this world to soar and be a part of the solution in this world and not a part of the problem. Some examples of well-respected people of this fraternity include General Colin Powell and Thurgood Marshall, the first black US Supreme Court Justice and Martin Luther King.


Gil’s son, Stephen tells me that Gil was unfortunate to be in a car crash last month but we understand that he is recovering well. After his horrific fall at our Gathering in 2009, we know that it takes a lot to prevent him from living an active life. We all wish him well.