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Those of you who were unable to attend the Gathering 2009 missed out on a wonderful trip. The Opening Ceremony at the games in Edinburgh was special. Prince Charles opened games with a crowd of 55,000 in attendance (a few Burnett’s sprinkled in). The Burnett’s, a small but enthusiastic group, marched (walked) up the Royal Mile to the Edinburgh Castle. We were one of the first groups of clans in the parade and arrived at the esplanade at 8PM but the last clan the Young’s didn’t arrive until 10:30 PM, so the program started late, there fore ended late. Another notable event was the Mystery Dinner Theater at the Fraser Castle. No, I had no clue who done it. We also had a great time at the Woodend’s Ceilidh where we were joined by the Irvine and Hays Clans. The good times were too many to mention them all and I think everyone who was there will agree.

For the first time in four years as Secretary we have a full slate of officers. They are busy looking for changes that can be made to increase membership and many other improvements to the organization. I am looking forward to some exciting developments.

During my travels this year I met a lot of wonderful New Family members and I’m looking forward to a long fruitful friendship.

If you are ever in Milwaukee, WI stop by the Robert Burns Statue and you will find a brick from the House of Burnett.

There are some new items to view on the website, take a look at the site and see what’s new!

Leland L. Burnett

Request for Information

Dale Reed is looking for information on the family of John Miles Burnett born 20 Nov. 1860 in Pisgy, MO. His father is listed as James Burnett born in KY. And his mother was Mary Gogul or Dogul. John Miles Burnett married Mary Ellen Sibole on 4 Oct 1887. He died 22 March 1939 at St. Clair, Franklin County, MO. And was buried at the Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery in Lonedell, Franklin County MO.

If you have any information about this family and their connections please pass this to the Secretary and it will be given to Dale.

Leland L. Burnett
Secretary, House of Burnett