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Middle Tennessee Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Lt. James Burnette hosted the tent at the Middle Tennessee Highland Games on Sept. 7-8, 2019,  Several Burnetts and variables of the name attended.  The games were well attended and 50 clans participated.  Approximately 8,000 people attended the 2 day event.

This was the first year to be at the park.  Prior years were held at another park that became too small to hold the larger numbers attending.

Lt. James Burnette

Jade Henson, husband Parker, daughter Sunny; Mother was a Burnett

Frank Burnett and wife Paula

Keith Andrew Burnett and wife Gina

Dee Stephens,  her father was Hiram Wilson Burnett

Edmond Burnett Burusel & Family

Gary Carper, Mother was a Burnett

Megan McCoy and family, her grandmother was a Burnett.


Lt. James Burnette


Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Games have already been included in the last Banner. Our picture here mes from Beth’s Newfangled Family Tree newsletter. For those who don’t know about this: Beth Gay Freeman, CRMC, Dame of Drama, Kingdome of Raknar;  FSA Scot